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Welcome comrade!

My name is Paris Marx.

I write the Disconnect newsletter and host Tech Won’t Save Us, an award-winning critical technology podcast.

My first book, Road to Nowhere: What Silicon Valley Gets Wrong about the Future of Transportation, is out now from Verso Books. Get your copy!

Follow me on Twitter, Bluesky, or Mastodon, or contact me at paris [at] parismarx [dot] com.

Over the past seven years, my work has been published by TIME, WIRED, Insider, NBC News, CBC News, Jacobin, and many others. My writing deals with tech, cities, and the ~future~. These are some of my favourites:

I’ve also been interviewed by The Washington Post, USA Today, Newsweek, Vox, The Verge, CBC News, The Canadian Press, Democracy Now!, Novara Media, and many other publications, podcasts, and programs.

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I speak around the world about technology, politics, and climate change. Find some of my upcoming events below.

If you’re interested in getting Paris to speak at your event, send an email to the address above.

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